PÉPITE Startup Île-de-France Program: 6 months to move up a gear


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This early-stage project acceleration program, based at Station F, is dedicated to student entrepreneurs,
in partnership with the PÉPITE network and the Île-de-France region.
Any person associated with one of the 8 Ile-de-France PÉPITEs, benefiting from the National Student Entrepreneur Status and living in Ile-de-France can apply.

Program application deadline : October 19, 2023, at 5:00 p.m.

Program start date : November 13, 2023


pépite startup Île-de-France

The 6 pillars of the PÉPITE Startup Île-de-France program

  • Know your market
  • Create a persona
  • Find early-adopters
  • Build traction to begin validating the concept
  • Develop the first version of your product with your users
  • Create a plan of action
  • Find your beta testers
  • Define a clear value proposition in order to attract your first customers
  • Implement a prospecting strategy using Growth Hacking techniques
  • Learn how to sell your product to accelerate your sales
  • Learn growth marketing techniques
  • Build a strong brand image to increase your acquisition channels
  • Set up a financial strategy
  • Discover the financing possibilities according to the complexity of your project
  • Learn how to pitch your project perfectly
  • Learn how to build your investor pitch deck
  • Learn how to identify the actors of this ecosystem for relevant connections


training content.


thematic workshops/month.


follow-up by a coach and a program referent.
The partners of the PÉPITE Startup program :
pépite Startup Île-de-France

The projects of the PÉPITE Startup Île-de-France program

Paul Cartier
“The 6 months of incubation (PÉPITE program) with Schoolab at Station F marked a real turning point in the development of my startup, Constel Education. I recruited a new team composed of a CTO partner, a business angel and a communications intern. Between the 4 of us, we launched V2 of our platform, which allowed us to get twice as many participants in 3 months than in the previous 2 years!”
Emma Helias & Solène Schwab
“This program allowed us to evolve during 6 months with a lot of resources at our disposal (workshops, content, webinars, experts, coaching) and with a network of very dynamic and dedicated entrepreneurs. This allowed us to question our Business Model and to focus our strategy on a new coaching product that works very well!”
“Schoolab is the best way to learn about structure. We felt like we went from a simple "project" to a real "business". It's the best place to learn and share knowledge and come out more confident.”
pépite startup Île-de-France

Slack community

Be able to exchange with our community via our internal messaging system to help each other, ask for advice and recommendations, share good tools and best practices:

  • More than 1700 members: 400 active every week.
  • 450,962 messages sent: 9,648 in the last 30 days.
  • More than 40 thematic discussion channels.
Join the Slack Community
Une femmes qui explique au restent du groupe le fonctionnement de la communauté Slack
Digital Platform

Accelerate your community's projects with Schoolab's digital platform


Public page presenting the program. Customizable participant registration and project submission forms.


News board. Scheduling of newsletters. Automatic notifications and reminders.


Jury evaluation session (scorecard). Public voting (likes).

Courses and resources

A structured collaborative workspace. Modules with deliverables repository. Resource library.


Setting up a mentor relationship. Coaching session reporting. Integrated video and chat.


Content management: rights and access. Real-time tracking of engagement. Deliverable statistics and Net Promoter Score.

A collaborative French digital platform, available in white label and compliant with the IT requirements of large companies: dedicated infrastructure, high-level security, and data protection (GDPR).

PÉPITE Startup Île-de-France

The stakeholders

Pricing of the PÉPITE Start-up Île-de-France program

The price of the PÉPITE Startup Île-de-France program is 720 euros (including tax) for non-scholarship students and 360 euros (including tax) for students with scholarships.
This price includes 6 months of advising and office space at Station F.

Looking for a different program?

Deux femmes suivent le programme la piscine

Piscine program

  • Understand your market and your users.
  • Adapt your concept to your customers.
  • Test and validate your concept.
Un groupe de 6 personnes en session de brainstorming dans le programme Starter

Starter program

  • Develop your product and get your first customers.
  • Build a strong brand identity.
  • Implement a financial strategy.

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Common questions

Based at Station F, PÉPITE Startup Île-de-France is a 6 months acceleration program for early-stage projects dedicated to Student Entrepreneurs. Any person connected to one of the 8 Pépite Ile-de-France companies, benefiting from the National Student Entrepreneur status and living in Ile-de-France can apply.

This status is for students and graduates with a high school diploma or equivalent, without an age limit. Here are the steps to obtain it:

  • Go to the platform to submit your application for the status.
  • A commitment committee will study your application.
  • Depending on your motivation and the level of formalization of your project, the National Student Entrepreneur Status is issued to you.
  • PÉPITE CY Entrepreneurship
  • PSL
  • PON
  • Sorbonne University
  • Hesam Entrepreneaurship
  • Paris-East-Sup

For scholarship students, the price of the PÉPITE Startup program is 360 euros per person for 6 months, i.e. 60 euros per month. For students without grants, the price is 720 euros per person for 6 months, i.e. 120 euros per month.

The PÉPITE Startup program lasts for 6 full months. 2 promotions per year are ensured. The next session date will be posted soon.

One project is equivalent to one application. If there are several of you in the team, a single application is sufficient.

1. Complete the application form by the date required.
2. Selections within your Startup PÉPITE will run depending on the session dates.
3. Regional auditions are held a few weeks later.

The support program (coaching and workshops) is 100% online. The PÉPITE Startup program includes access to an office in a dedicated space at Station F in the “create” zone.

The PÉPITE Startup program assists entrepreneurs in creating a sustainable business based on 6 pillars:

  • The observation of its market
  • The construction of its product
  • The acceleration of its sales
  • The implementation of a marketing strategy
  • Funding opportunities
  • Learn to pitch your project perfectly, to build your pitch deck for investors
  • Access to a community of over 1,000 entrepreneurs, alumni and experts
  • 1 hour/month of individual coaching
  • Daily accompaniment by the PÉPITE Start-up program referent
  • +70 hours of training content
  • +6 thematic workshops/month led by an expert
  • +40 individual meetings/month, proposed by an expert in a specific field
  • 2 sessions/month of collective intelligence between entrepreneurs
  • +10,000 euros in savings on the software most used by start-ups

To join the PÉPITE Startup program, you just have to send your application by completing the online form. Please note that your application must be sent for a single innovation project. Therefore, if there are several of you in the team, only one application is necessary for the whole team.

The project leaders must meet the following 3 conditions to join one of the 2 programs:

  • Be attached to an Ile-de-France PÉPITE.
  • Hold the National Student Entrepreneur Status issued by one of the Ile-de-France PÉPITEs.
  • Reside in the Paris Region.

If you are not yet attached to a PEPITE, we invite you to contact Soufiane Carcaillet by e-mail: soufiane.carcaillet@iledefrance.fr. It is also important to think about regularizing your situation with your PÉPITE as soon as possible.

Yes, in order for your application to be admissible, you must join the PÉPITE Startup program with a defined innovation project.