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CPI: Creation of an Innovative Product

Created in 2005, CPI is the first multidisciplinary program between 4 major French universities: Centrale Paris, ESSEC, Strate École de Design and La Sorbonne.

The partner companies entrust a project to the students in the form of a problem. The students then work on this problem 1 day/week for 6 months, from October through to March.

Why do a CPI program?

Boost your company's brand

The CPI program offers you the opportunity to keep in touch with students from top universities who are interested in innovation and looking for their future job.

Connect with the new generations

Multidisciplinary students with profiles from 4 educational institutions: Business – Engineering – Design – Social Sciences.

Develop a solution in record time

Find new ideas for innovation or respond to specific problems by breaking the habits of your sector.

Partner schools:

Benefits of the CPI program


Develop your company's brand

To maintain a connection with students of top universities who are interested in innovation and are looking for their future job.


Imagine and develop innovative projects

Your team and the students’ team work in co-creativity on a problem of your choice.


Train your employees in new methods

Focused on Open Innovation, the CPI program proposes a user-centric vision, Design Thinking, and value creation.


Give a positive and lasting image of your company

Positive impact is a vector of a company’s image just like innovation. We are committed integrate  this component into all our projects.


alumni trained.

17 years

of experience in Design Thinking and Lean Startup.


corporate innovation projects initiated and accelerated.

Two types of CPI:


Rethink your future, reinvent your offer, and change your organization:

  • Objective: a prospective vision of a sector, its context, and its market.
  • Duration: 6 months.
  • Deliverables: a portfolio retracing the process with an observation report in 3 detailed and illustrated prospective scenarios, and 1 scenario materialized by an immersive prototype.


Develop a project that addresses an identified issue:

  • Objective: develop an innovative short-term solution.
  • Duration: 6 months.
  • Deliverables: a portfolio retracing the evolution of the project, the observation report, the V0 model of the project, and the project script.

3 methodologies

Design Thinking

A methodology that puts the user at the center of all considerations. The objective is to build solutions that meet real needs identified during the user observation phases.

Lean Startup

A methodology that emphasizes the importance of building your product, step by step, and continuously testing it to know whether to pivot or persevere.

Open Innovation

Thinking about innovation and R&D by integrating collaborators from outside the company. The goal is to create an ecosystem that relies on different expertise of knowledge.

digital Platform

Supporting student communities with the Schoolab digital platform


A public page presenting the program. Customizable participant registration and project submission forms.


News wall. Newsletter scheduling. Automatic notifications and reminders.


Jury evaluation session (scorecard). Public voting (likes).

Pathways & Resources

Sequenced collaborative workspace. Modules with deliverables repository. Resource library.


Connecting mentors. Coaching session reporting. Integrated video and chat.


Content management rights and access. Real-time tracking of engagement. Deliverable statistics and Net Promoter Score.

A collaborative French digital platform, available as a white label and compliant with the IT requirements of large companies: dedicated infrastructure, high-level security, and data protection (GDPR).

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