Deplastify the Planet develops sustainable solutions around circularity


DTP: Deplastify the Planet

“Deplastify the Planet” is an Open Innovation program in collaboration with UC Berkeley in the United States.
Students participate for 5 months in a project-based course designed to give them the opportunity to work with companies to explore sustainable solutions to reduce plastic usage around the world.

Deplastify the Planet

Develop positive impact projects

Increase sustainability in existing markets and access new markets.

Create stronger connections

Create a deeper connection with your customers, users, and stakeholders.

Aligning business and sustainability

Develop your customer case for a sustainable solution.

Deplastify the Planet Program Partner:

Curriculum focused on sustainable development


  • The chemistry of plastics.
  • Compostable or recyclable plastic.
  • Bio-sourced or biodegradable plastic.
  • Why is plastic still an excellent material?

Sustainable Design

  • Circular economy.
  • Supply Chain Efficiency.
  • Packaging optimization.
  • Reduce over-engineering.

Innovative Business Models

  • Go-to-market strategy.
  • Informal economy.
  • Market regulations.
  • Circular economy business models.

Creating Customized Impact

Session de travaille en groupe


Team building and getting to know client and their challenge.

Interdisciplinary teams of students are paired with partner companies to complete a large individual challenge during the semester.

personne saluant a la fenêtre


Identifying stakeholders and developing an overview of user interviews helps reframe the challenge and create a roadmap for the solution.

Deux personnes qui travaillent dans le programme deplatsify the planete


Students engage in low-fidelity rapid prototyping to test their ideas and gather user feedback.

3 personnes travaillant sur leur prototypes


This stage brings all the work together in a final prototype, along with a roadmap for the partner company.


trained alumni.

17 years

experience in Design Thinking and Lean Startup.


Corporate Innovation projects initiated and accelerated.

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