Committed to responsible innovation

Schoolab is an innovation studio that trains, advises, and supports its clients in responsible innovation by mobilizing the entrepreneurial and collaborative qualities of its employees.
To achieve this, Schoolab relies on an international community of over 1000 entrepreneurs, managers, academic experts, and students who meet on our digital platforms and in our Open Innovation centers.


entrepreneurs, managers, academic experts and students from our ecosystem.


employees are mobilized on 3 continents.

2 affiliates

RaiseLab & MoHo: groups focused on collaborative and entrepreneurial innovation.

At its origins, Silicon Valley

To understand Schoolab’s origins, we need to go back to its roots. In 2005, 3 founders with their experience as entrepreneurs and inspired by their visit to Silicon Valley in the United States, made two impactful observations:

  • European companies cultivated very strong internal silos, which blocked their capacity for innovation. These silos stemmed from the education system, which was divided between different educational pathways that did not interact with each other.
  • On the other hand, the emergence of innovation approaches from the world of design in the US, offered a huge untapped potential for useful innovation adapted to real needs.


Pont Golden Gate depuis la rive Schoolab San Francisco

Helping companies maximize their positive impact within their ecosystem

We believe in the power of design, inclusion, and innovation to bring about new innovative solutions to real-world problems. We create responsible and sustainable innovation by connecting our clients and their projects to our ecosystems, as well as unlocking the entrepreneurial and collaborative qualities of each individual.

Deux personnes souriante côte a côte.

History of Schoolab

Vue de la scène lors du lancement du programme d'Open Innovation

Launch of the first open innovation program

CPI – bringing together students and company employees  on product and service innovations. The CPI program, a pioneer of Design Thinking in France, has played a role in the evolution of the French market and educational system for over 10 years.

Les 3 fondateurs du Schoolab côte a côte

Creation of Schoolab

Schoolab was created to multiply the impact of innovations, startup acceleration and training programs.  The same elements are always combined : multidisciplinarity, design-oriented methods, an entrepreneurial spirit and a fondness for Silicon Valley.

Plusieurs personnes dand une salle lors du lancement du programme starter

Launch of the first startup programs

Accompanying all entrepreneurs from the conception of an idea to the first sale, whether you are a student or already in the professional world.

Groupe d’étudiants du Bridge chez Facebook

First startup program in the USA with UC Berkeley

Modules co-developed by UC Berkeley and Schoolab to learn how to identify opportunities
and anticipate the needs of tomorrow’s world.

Les 3 fondateurs du Schoolab côte a côte

Opening of the first Schoolab campus in Paris

Creating a unique place to strengthen and support the connections within the ecosystem initiated by Schoolab.

Plusieurs personnes dans un open space à San Francisco

Schoolab opens in San Francisco

The purpose of creating an American team was to strengthen the original links with Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley is an iconic place for Schoolab, the birthplace of Design Thinking and Open Innovation that allowed us to succeed in our attempt to invent a model for the future.

Groupe d'intrapreneur en session de créativité au Vietnam

Schoolab opens in Vietnam

Schoolab established its Asian regional center in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to support the growth of its partners and clients in the region. With this growth, Schoolab has contributed in the development of the most dynamic economy in Southeast Asia.

Logo de la communauté des entreprises a mission

Schoolab becomes a mission-driven company

As an educational actor, Schoolab promotes an entrepreneurial and collaborative mindset in order to build a more harmonious society. The aim is to build a world that is more respectful of people and the environment.

Vue de l’intérieur du RaiseLab
February 2021

Opening of RaiseLab

A joint venture between Schoolab and RAISE, RaiseLab is the first French company dedicated solely to Open Innovation. RaiseLab’s mission is to support cooperation between large organizations and young innovative companies (or students) in order to enable these parties to take their collaboration to the next level and create sustainable economic and social value. RaiseLab’s activity is structured around two axes: the strategic and operational support of collaborative projects on behalf of large organizations, and the RaiseLab House, the place that embodies our mission.


Vue en hauteur du MoHo
May 2021

Launch of MoHo

MoHo is a movement, a place and a community aiming to build coalitions around major societal issues.

Schoolab is a member of:

Schoolab, a company with a mission: aligning actions with values

Since its creation, Schoolab has developed with the ambition of building a more harmonious, committed, and inclusive society through entrepreneurship and collective action.

Schoolab believes that cooperation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship are the future of society. For Schoolab, innovation is fundamental to inventing the world of tomorrow.

Sustainable innovation is built on a philosophy of respect for resources and the circular economy. The challenge is to harmonize the role of humans in society, their relationship with the living world, with the planet, and with each other. These goals are shared with clients, partners, teams, and the Schoolab community.

Social innovation involving all types of talent enriches Schoolab’s ecosystem and that of its clients. Schoolab brings these talents together, from all walks of life, through collaborative methodologies. To do this, Schoolab supports many international, national and local initiatives by bringing experts, students, researchers and committed entrepreneurs together.

Our first mission report on our commitment to our initiative is published.

Justified opinion of the Independent Third Party Organization

Baker Tilly Strego, an Independent Third Party Organization (ITO), has verified the coherence and execution of our social and environmental objectives.

Following an analysis, ITO stated that Schoolab “fulfils each of the social and environmental objectives it has set itself, maintaining consistency with its purpose and activities, while respecting the social and environmental issues at hand.”

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