Support for educational and student innovations

Schoolab designs and implements pedagogical innovations by bringing together individuals from educational, entrepreneurial and associative worlds. The aim is to make project and startup stakeholders, and society as a whole, more entrepreneurial, collaborative and innovative in addressing key social challenges. As a result, the Compass youth development programme was launched.


The Compass program

Compass is a program that aims to help young people aged between 13 and 18 develop their professional goals and personal growth. We operate in the Ile-de-France region, with a particular focus on students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

We offer training courses, ranging from 2 to 5 days, in which members participate in the following activities: self-knowledge workshops, meetings with professionals from various disciplines, company visits, practical workshops (code, eloquence, design), cultural outings, and the exchange of ideas.

Our goal is to help young people discover the range of possibilities to motivate and give them the confidence to pursue their career-related goals. To date, we have accompanied more than 200 students through our programs.

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Cercle du discussion entre étudiants du programme Compass

La Scène program

In 2018, Etienne Gatti and Maud Franca, 2 entrepreneurs committed to diversity issues, founded La Scène. This programme trains entrepreneurs who are not yet part of the French start-up ecosystem to become public speakers. During the 5 week programme, theatre and film industry professionals share their methods and advice. Those who complete the programme are equipped with the necessary tools for public speaking, while developing their network and visibility.

Since 2018, La Scène has been working on the emergence, development and promotion of entrepreneurs who, due to their background or origin, are currently underrepresented in the French startup ecosystem. Throughout the course, these students are encouraged and guided to grow as entrepreneurs and people. The course culminates in a unique pitch night, where participants take to the stage of a Parisian theater.

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3 personnes sur scène présentant La Scène

The Schoolab organisation: bringing ideas to life

Schoolab’s projects are driven by its employees. They are committed to their work and involved in each project. Each employee is able to implement and develop new skills, transferable to their daily work environment.


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