Make innovation happen

Photo d'un publique attentif

Develop your talents

Develop the talent of your employees to foster a culture of innovation and change within your organization.

Un animateur donne des explications sur l’exploration de marché

Explore the market and position yourself

Explore areas of opportunity in the market, without disrupting your core business, and establish the conditions for success.

Des personnes échangeant entre elles dans un open space à Schoolab

Doing Open Innovation

Innovate by collaborating with startups, students, and unconventional professionals. Launch incubators, an Open Innovation Challenge, or participate in student programs.

4 personnes de Schoolab en session de travail

Launch new products and services

Imagine, develop, test and launch new product/service concepts with the potential to transform the market, while utilizing your organization’s existing assets.

Groupe de 7 personnes dans une session d’intelligence collectif

Transform through collective intelligence

Create a collective dynamic that delivers real business value through exceptional human experiences that will transform your organisation.

Groupe d’étudiants à Schoolab

Innovating with students

Collaborate with students to bring a fresh perspective to a problem, develop your employer brand, or train your employees in new methodologies.

Digital Platform

Provide your community with the Schoolab digital experience


Customizable registration form, Member profile sheets, and employee directory photos.


News wall, Newsletter scheduling, Notifications, & Automatic reminders.


Practical information, Workshops/webinars access, & speaker profiles.


Integrated video stream and live chat, replay capabilities, & key resources.


Library, toolboxes, & Portfolio of ideas and best practices.


Accessible information on participants, real-time tracking of engagement, statistics, and Net Promoter Score.

A collaborative French digital platform, available as a white label and compliant with the IT requirements of large companies: dedicated infrastructure, high-level security, and data protection (GDPR).


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